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Imported From The French Alps

90 flavours available


Basic Uses For 1883 Syrups

Cocktails: Add base spirit for low alcohol cocktail.

Mocktails: Blend with ice/fruit juices etc.

Flavoured Cappuccino: Try 10ml Hazelnut or Irish Cream.

Milkshakes/Smoothies: 60ml any of the 92 flavours.

European Soda: Try Kiwi/Passionfruit topped with soda.

Iced Teas: Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Lemon, Natural, Chai & Green. Add water.

Granita: Up market ice slush drink. Blend with ice.

Sparkling/Still Wine/Sangria: Add 10ml to Champagne.

Winter Hot Toddies: Try Apple & Cinnamon, add boiling water & Slice of lemon

Marinades: e.g. Apricot for chicken.

Flavouring: Cream, Custard & Yoghurt. 30ml to one cup.

Pastries/Baking/Desserts/Pancakes: Also as a glaze for tarts.

Children’s Cocktails: In a blender with ice/fruit/juices.