About Us

Posi Pour Wholesalers Pty. Limited first commenced business in 1978. Chris and Robyn Patsos (Directors of the Company) were operating out of a small rented home in the Kingsford area at the time, and when the Posi Pour stock started taking over the bedrooms then they knew (I knew) it was time to move to a small shop front.

From their one and only product, the Posi Pour ball bearing pourer, to a product range now of over 300 items, the company has grown considerably. In 1991 their eldest son, Vincent, joined the company, and shortly after Posi Pour Wholesalers moved to their own warehouse in 6 Morgan Street, Botany NSW. In 1998, Jamie, the baby of the family came into the business and in 2001, Matthew, the middle son also joined the business.

Apart from all the well known bar necessities that Posi Pour has always specialized in, the company were granted exclusive distributorship of a range of 1883 syrups,  Posi Pour now have around 300 distributors Australia wide