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Hygienic state of the art design

Raven Dispensers has been designed for dispensing accurately thin and thick alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

No other dispenser will deliver a shot with the speed of this revolutionary design. This is the fastest and most hygienic

Dispenser in the world. Raven has a twelve-month warranty on parts and labour. The only maintenance

Required is weekly washing in warm soapy water then rinsing


Raven Dispensers come in sizes

15ml & 30ml

The raven backplate is the actual bracket which comes

Complete with the dispenser, so there is no need to

Purchase additional brackets



Black Rotary Stand

Available in ether a six, or eight head configuration.

To suit either six, or eight bottles.

Height of the stand is 380mm to the top of the dispensers


Backing Board

Wooden boards to suit raven dispensers

Available in a configuration of 4,6,8,10 and 12


Spare clamp for mounting the raven to shelves

Spare parts

Spare housing, bowl, back plate & cork.