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ICEBUCKET | Insulated stainless steel ice bucket with lid

WINE BUCKET | 4 Litre stainless steel champagne & wine bucket

WINECOOLER S/S | Double body insulated stainless steel wine cooler

WINE BUCKET LID | Spitoon lid for wine bucket

WINE BUCKET BLACK | 3 litre plastic wine bucket black

| 18” aluminum order rack (46cm)

ORDERRACK24 | 24” aluminum order rack (61cm)

ORDERRACK36 | 36” aluminum order rack (92cm)

ORDERRACK48 | 48” aluminum order rack (122cm)


DREDGE | Aluminum 300ml dredge with handle (10oz)

MENUHOLDER | Table menu holder (nickel)

MENUHOLDER-4| Table menu holder heavy base (nickel)

MENUHOLDER-8 | Table menu holder heavy base (nickel)

S/P TOPS | For filling salt & pepper dispensers (fits 2lt bottles)

CRUSHER | Manual ice crusher


F/FRYER R | Right handed fry bagger (strong nylon)

F/FRYER LR | Dual handed fry bagger (strong nylon)


GAS TORCH | Disposable gas torch for lighting candles or gas

GAS LIGHT | Disposable long thin nozzle gas lighter


TEST TUBES | Acrylic test tubes

TEST TUBE H | Acrylic test tube holder (24pcs)



MASTER | Cocktail master in black (boxed)

MASTERSILVER | Cocktail master in chrome (boxed)

SYRUP PUMP | Syrup pump for 1883 syrups

SYRUP PUMP COVER | Syrup pump cover for 1883 syrups

CARTON POUR | Expansion pourer with spout & cap

FLIP TOP | Large pouring spout with attached closure